Two Lost Souls by Mahmoud Saeed

D. As,ad Al Khafagi
Board fictional and realistic overflowing with inspiration
This prompted me to write a novel about the impression (Aldhalan), another writer of novels Iraqi Mahmoud Said, my conviction that the novel is a dramatic and realistic, the situation of exile bitter suffering from exiled Iraqis. In particular intellectuals, writers and political Better them, who have come to this city eccentric, traditions and civilization, in search of security and freedom, the war to liberate Kuwait.

The participation of the reader to enjoy this novel, mention at the outset and description of the space in which they occurred. What are the elements of time and place and people and social relations which constitute the background of the events, Association dialectic between those components of the structure of the technical work under reading? : Chicago region, the words to his activities on the lively commercial and industrial region, compared to the United States. Within this area lies the city of Chicago Babinitha Shabha of skyscrapers and architectural excellence to the edge of Lake Michigan wide relating Lake and then collided with the Atlantic Ocean. It is inhabited by about eight million people who are multiple ethnicities, and the lack of widespread spirit of racism, including, as it is known in the southern states! It is estimated that the number of Iraqi members of the community where one hundred thousand, most of the Assyrians, who settled here, and became an integral part of American society. And shares in their new home about five hundred Iraqi families who came to study during the 1970s and preferred to stay here. mostly doctors, technocrats and businessmen rich. There is a third type of expatriates, who are the refugees of the 1990s, the exiled twice : once from her country of Iraq, and once inside the (forest), that symbolism in the novel (Aldhalan) to the loss and isolation, and poverty and the situation of exile within exile! These are the exiles who wrongfully prosecuted him for eternity (poverty in the nation, the west, and rich in exile, the homeland!). The novel describes the lives of those in Chicago, says the heroine of the San Kathy (page 193) : (saw the first time, packed apartment in the night not counting the young people, to come Bsidikathm, speak the language of the ringing of a strange, intense discussion, including high hesitate name Bush, Bin Laden, Saddam, the homosexual, Clinton rule, playing cards, they get drunk, Iarabdon, but Medbon very, some of them slept on the ground proximity, in the same room, not Opportunities never been left behind as an animal leaves Elif intelligent, caring for himself. updated enough attention, cooked foods to eat, but full of Balbharat, inflame the mouth, make them chase a few seconds they laugh). Was that category of exiles, some of whom monitor the novel Kalbattl main Omar and nice and good, and Fawzi, Haidar Habib, and others. they came to Chicago and started a harsh life, where they do not work and are guaranteed safety and stability, and the homeland! Did not find here, in the richest countries in globalization, as a secure as having promised the United Nations. (No way to rescue the victim in this city accursed! Why led by the equally?) Also on page 201.

Mahmoud Said transcends the world of Chicago or jungle exiled Iraqis benefiting from the skill of the pen and fertility of imagination and good ability to link analysis and peer, Stone us, the right, pursuant to technically impressive, laced stinging criticism in the words of the narrator (Alsard), who at times seemed to adopt the personality of the hero Omar, American society’s globalist, which differs completely from the European communities, as is believed, as we read for the hero on more than one occasion, saying (spurned negative for the dollar, I want to escape to Sweden)! Or (this is black America. They can lay out your name threaten on the black list that did not pay), or : (in addition to the racial discrimination against foreigners). Or (leaving after a week in Sweden, I will leave the United States and those who can resist evil. writer and justify the sharp criticism by making the reader transpires suffering exile double Omar picture of Kathy and bitterly ironic each time Ithauran it. On another occasion enhance beautiful, a friend of Omar, the existence of suffering persistent damage to Balbattl, says telling him (I was looking for work in vain since Vslk after September 11 (September) till now.

Omar and Kathy

Talking about the novel : errant Omar and Kathy, and are featuring them. First, any age, the writer of three and sixty years of age, Having emigrated from the country of origin reject thousands of miles across oceans and seas, hoping to alternative homeland security harboring, he had discovered a lost path to stability, security and a dignified life. In order to escape the hell of Chicago after being unable to find shelter and work, forced to (immigration) to the dark depths of the jungle isolated, ponds filled with muddy water, and you even enter gangs of murderers, criminals and drug traffickers. The hero of the novel is taken from the forest of abandoned houses and isolated him, but it is tons of nets and traps to defend himself. In order to convince himself that he was in the continent of the American dream, the New World, established a tent there hid in the brush, and it brings vascular Baldlo water for bathing, shaving and dental cleaning between the dense trees. If I desire coffee, it used to (Matabakhh) mobile, car Balta’jat old bus, , which brought him home to the new cached, to attend a cup of hot Ehtseh on Torso DEFROCKED Mteps, Taghreed birds attentively to Cardinal red, and heckled voltage to all kinds of insects and bugs.

And without warning or prior knowledge, equally grave Balchabh beautiful Kathy (straying second in the novel) in isolation fortified ropes do for self-defense, along the tent and Gapth isolated, and witnessed by the primitive life. Kathy girl in the super-century Hassan, the auctioneer’s premium, Omar enamored of the Red Bshaarha first glance, strength and cut Alftan Gngha endless! Stone novel, now flowing and spontaneous unintentional, to the world of Chicago (real), as it deems appointed writer : poverty, homelessness and drugs, The loss of safety, and the white slave trade run by professional pimps, use of limousines to travel on, This is a reference to the widespread influence they enjoyed, and colludes with the police officers in the (trading) for the proportion of the profits! The novel tells us Bermzih will deliberate on the strength of the main hero Omar, who gave the writer much of his human qualities, outraged did not seem optimistic fragile or frustrated or resigned, the brunt of double alienation. In order to achieve its objective of this writer, it also permits unlimited emotional explosion, and the enjoyment of sexual unfamiliar with its owner Kathy, Red hair with dramatic instincts of a tyrant and femininity and strength and Alftan Alenhdin Steelin! All this to waive the provisions of age and the age difference and ethical principles, which seemed to him as if spiders weaving ropes limitations, as we read, For example, on page 83.

The path of salvation

Despite the deteriorating situation Shikagui community, as illustrated by the story, we find stray soon they find together, Masterminded by the more mature mind, Omar, the beginning of the path of salvation and Agaahma bad, without the help of Social Security lost in Chicago! Reflect the ability of straying Omar to survive and challenge difficulties, and the exercise of the normal life, even in the inhospitable jungle instruction. Here is something ancient, from education civilized Iraqi inherent in the behavior of the hero of the novel Omar, reflected on his dealings with Kathy (straying others) is Mahmoud Said in the novel (Aldhalan) curriculum cohesion and disconnect and the dialectic interaction between contradictions. Omar also in the position of the girl and humanitarian attitude of the evil George, among youth, vitality, which enjoyed Kathy and the aging Omar and his death the following mechanism of genetic determinism is not inevitable. The beauty of nature in the woods and birds and magnificence and glory between the state of alienation, isolation and darkness Aldbq it. Finally, the contentious relationship between the greatness of America became the leader of globalization, Benathat Shabha, and the preparation of the car and the legendary Imran Chicago one hand and the misery and loss, which Krajina people there like the disabled, the homeless and gang members. The writer employs brilliantly phenomenon all positive elements in the possibility of achieving the goals of the hero Omar, the advantage of positive and self-confidence, determination and will. The novel is presented to the struggle against circumstances and Destinies, the conflict between the figures (between George and the victims), the conflict within the personal one (between the leisurely life in the warmth of a girl younger than forty years and the feeling of humanitarian patriarchal responsible for shaping the future better for it). In the framework of internal wrangle personal one, Despite the efforts of Omar emerging before his companion lost vulnerable Kathy appearance strong firm, we find the writer and I were saying that it had to reduce the halo of positive feeling fictions full immersion of the tormented heroine straying Omar. Remind the dominance of the situation in the dark, He does not hesitate to mention to Kathy during the latter’s seminal magical delicacies as in page 194 (I assure you that I live in after the scratch. my father died in the third session, and I swear now third session, I mean, what Aishah after the date of the stolen amount). Omar and simply force it to include magic miss Kathi, which, on the emergence of which, are still captive obedient resigned to the limitations of Foreign Affairs, submissive to the conditions of life in Chicago, such as : drug addiction, servitude over for George, Elias access to the profession honest, the impossibility of marriage to a loyal and have children, and so on. On the other hand, the straying more aware, Omar, owns a result of a conscious political background of resolve. it can prevent the victim Kathy to a draft of revenge from the reality Shikagui community, which is also bleak, as a symbol of a writer jungle, ask them to regain their lost humanity and humiliation. On page 95, for example, we read (not Tekalli of Kimtk, strong yourself). Or on page 143 (eliminate drugs on your future, Semenek inertia of the work, Strja’en George had attempted to corrupt or otherwise, Stmotin in the street like an animal has no value, you should Takhtari between the future and the fall, between freedom and between George, the achievement of days between death and life). or as in the words of Omar on page 142 : (help me to help you).

Extinguishing the flames of failure

Omar would make of his life emergency missed a successful fire put out by the failure correctly for the duration of the three years he spent in the United States. more correctly, in the forest. Will trained on driving the car, and then recorded it on the list Peai cream private car so. After that it provides five thousand dollars that can be induced and that is the purpose of the dream since childhood. And most difficult of all will be paid to leave the use of drugs, a scourge which is destroying the social large number of young Latin! The footprint artist magic prevents writer Omar tampering with the emotional and beautiful Kathy sexual involvement with her twice during the time of the story, the parents of a moral obligation to save the girl from the clutches miss corruption, drugs and social chaos, and help them to become good citizen, married to a young man loved and loving, and perhaps they produced children. Omar and requests from Kathy should seek to achieve other dreams such as marriage and procreation, also on page 181 that brought him to remain with her or him to travel to Sweden to live together (slogans this idea of your neck, You have to Tvkri marriage, or a permanent friend loves you all his heart, and hear Tsaadeh, not your place here in Sweden, here with the young man, marriage, ten or friend loyal, honest work, stability, perhaps a child, that is the life of HE). Kathy related outbreak rescuer of Mstabdha George and give compassion and care without the required price.

Meanwhile (Aldhalan) many of the dialogues between the heroes, making them an innovative tool to break the monotony narrative Allahth novelist. The internal dialogue employed primarily for access to personal heroes of the novel. It is well known that there is a language full installed qualified to perform all of emotions heroes of the novel Tmaojat feelings and thoughts. The general advantage to the language in (Aldhalan) is a simple, clear and smooth. We have spent the narrator as humanitarian concern for refugees who are generally hero Umar, in particular, sense of social, political and cultural and psychological. The pregnancy narrator language novel function other than basic function, in which the language of words over language. monitors time novelist in the narrative variability Aldainami and his physical, as well as the multiplicity of forms and momentum spaces. as if gambling on the uncontrolled and forgotten and forbidden or concealed outside the United descriptive language or traditional interviews, for most of the use of words and expressions rolling around Chicago, including the tough horrible inferior, and the quality and sensitive positions, to achieve the post is drawn from the world of the real world to the emigrant. 


About mahmoudsaeediraq

I am an Iraqi writer. I came to the USA in 1999, and I got politic asylum. Since that time I am living in Chicago, Illinois. I have written more than 20 novels and short story collections and hundreds of articles. Some of my novels were destroyed by Iraqi regimes. I have won awards in Iraq, Egypt and the United States. I also have won awards for short stories, one in Iraq and the second in UAE. I worked in Iraq as a high school teacher teaching Arabic literature. I was imprisoned six times between 1959 and 1980. I was dismissed from my job for three years, so I went to Morocco and I worked there as a high school teacher. I wrote about last time in prison as novel titled, "I am the one who saw." This novel was translated to English by Dr. Sadri (a professor of Lake Frost University) and published in Al Saqi house publishing company in London by the name of "Saddam City." The New York Public Libraries listed my novel as one of the best novels of the last century. Amnesty international chose 37 writers from all over the world, including me, to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We wrote short stories, and the collection was published in London, USA, Canada, Spain, and Turkey. It was translated in more than 20 languages. MAHMOUD SAEED, Chicago, Illinois
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